About Laragh

Laragh Heritage was founded in 2012 by a group of local residents and friends of Laragh village and surrounding townlands with common interests and aims; to bring our community together and to form links with those people with Laragh connections.

Our village was a milling village and its story in the 18th and 19th century deserves a place in the industrial history of Co. Monaghan.  The population of Laragh village and surrounding areas increased during the famine but crumbled and collapsed when the mills closed.

The village industry, incorporating three beautiful stone-cut mills; Cherry Vale, Laragh Mills & Helen Vale dating from 1775 – 1925

  • Cherry Vale (1775) was a spinning-mill with workmen’s houses (shuttle row)
  • Laragh Village Mill (1860’s) had spinning-mills and workmen’s houses (Laragh row)
  • Helen Vale had 3 beetling mills and a corn mill.

In 1826 a mill school was founded for the the mill worker’s children.  In 1903, a new national school ‘Laragh School’ was built on the same site.

St. Peter’s Church, known as ” The Iron Church” is fashioned in a Swiss-gothic hybrid style.  St. Peter’s, Laragh and it’s burial ground was consecrated on 13th August 1891.


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